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The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture
[2013/7/15 14:15:37]
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Solid wood furniture is made from natural wood furniture, furniture surface generally can see the wood texture. Its advantage lies in the use of natural wood, a more natural appearance, and durable, green environmental protection, (qualified general production process of solid wood furniture) contains no artificial Tim

Additive, no pollution risks.

The disadvantage is that the use of natural wood, the price rise; can choose the style and pattern is also affected by the wood itself restriction, relatively small selection of space; solid wood material is soft but not by the sun exposure, maintenance also need more effort; assembly finally most solid wood furniture are using tenon structure and adhesive the finished product, can not be disassembled, handling special attention to.

Look, two Wen, three knock, four OK. If you make these points in mind, you can easily identify the solid wood furniture. .

A look: look at the wood standing stubble with or without a ring or arc array of pin hole (pore) whether rules, see the wood without into layers of lines or curves, if any of these is man-made board (veneer veneer), because real wood material in addition to rosewood, camphor and flowers to no fine lines.

Two Wen: pure wood has its own special flavor, even after long-term storage or can still smell, and there are a lot of wood will retain the light flavor, such as pine with turpentine taste, light incense cedar wood, with spicy, fir has a unique smell of camphor wood, there will be a significant camphor taste, basswood micro oil odor, there will be a strong spicy aroma incision mahogany, walnut will be slight choking the nose, a lot of domestic wood no odor, man-made board will have very strong smell of chemical materials, such as formaldehyde, good recognition.

Three: solid wood parts on hand tapping will issue a clear voice, and man-made board is a deep voice, wood box will be issued by the roll of drums.

Four: according to the weight of the timber is divided into three levels: light heavyweight drying of paulownia wood, in the heavyweight with pine wood, basswood, Akiki et al. The density of wood called soft winds in the north of China (except pine outside), heavyweight in mahogany, rosewood, rosewood and other hard wood and wood, Manchurian ash and birch and import Liu Anmu are called hard Zamu, to sum up the wood furniture than particleboard, MDF furniture lighter