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            Who we are

            ????Qingdao Senlongda Wood Co., Ltd. is a professional bentwood furniture manufacturer. Now are cooperating with clients from America, the E…[MORE]

            What we do

            ????Home Furniture: Indoor and Outdoor furniture
            ????We have exported bentwood chair and sofa since the foundation of our company. Our main products are…[MORE]

            Stay connected
            Add:Beian Industry Park, Jimo Qingdao,China
            Tel: +86-532-87502806
            友情鏈接: 阿里巴巴分站 山東實木家具 品牌瓷磚 瓷磚包角 小鍋爐 搪玻璃反應釜 橡塑保溫管 pvc硬板 生態木門 金屬雕花板 竹木纖維集成墻面 pvc護欄 搪玻璃反應釜 木質素纖維 全鋁家具 樓梯防滑條 pvc硬板 A級防火保溫板 變頻電源 搪瓷反應釜 沖孔網 煙臺斷橋鋁門窗 聚氨酯防水涂料 耐火窗 廢氣處理環保設備